As France prepares for another likely Macron vs Le Pen run-off, what can the president do to boost his chances of re-election?

In politics — as with most things in life — you’re only a newcomer once. In April 2016, Emmanuel Macron burst onto France’s presidential political scene with his new party ‘En Marche!’ (On the Move). Macron, then 38, had made use of a vacuum within the centre-left and constructed a ‘big tent’ party with three bold objectives: to make the French economy more competitive, shake up France’s political system and take on Marine Le Pen’s ‘Front Nationale’.

As Macron made his way through the 2017 campaign and matured as a candidate, it became clear he was both an articulate man…

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In recent years, the political memoir has become a steady source of income for publishers and insider gossip for readers. Whether you think politicians are simply “cashing-in” on their time in power, or passing on their wisdom, here’s how the political memoir became a weapon and why.

What used to be the luxury of former prime ministers has since become a legitimate tool for revenge and reinvention. On the day of her resignation as British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher committed to writing her memoir. Three years and £3.5 million later, The Downing Street Years hit the shelves. Tony Blair also published his account as prime minister in 2010, bagging a £4.6 million advance which he donated to the Royal British Legion. More recently, David Cameron chose to write up his time in charge in his well-documented £25,000 shepherd’s hut. …

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In February, 15.7 million Ecuadorians will head to the polls in a first round to elect a new President, Vice-President and National Assembly. Here’s what you need to know.

How does Ecuador’s democratic system work?

The country’s first democratic presidential election took place in 1979, when Jamie Roldos Aguilera took office as Ecuador’s 33rd President. Today, the President and Vice-President (executive) are elected in two rounds of voting by a popular vote held every four years. The National Assembly (legislature) is elected at the same time and is formed of 137 members.

Who’s contesting the election?

Incumbent President and social…

At 11pm on 31st December 2020, the EU-UK transition period ended. A section of Twitter responded by flooding feeds with #FBPE Tweets. Some tapped these four letters on their keyboard and phones as a last act of defiance. Others declared this moment the beginning of a long-term campaign to rejoin the bloc.

To my fellow former Remain supporters: this is not our immediate fight. …

Tom Parkin

Political Commentator & Podcast Host. Sheffield, UK.

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